We strive to ensure the human perspective is at the forefront. We believe that systems should be adapted to you , not the other way around.


Situated in Stockholm we do UX, design and frontend development. At heart we’re all interaction designers.

this is us.

  • Picture of Axel, analyst


    Backend with a bit of frontend. Javascript, Node.js, React, Gatsby – you name it. The only one who truly understands hosting and servers.

  • Picture of Eric, pragmatist


    Prototypes, wireframes, personas. Knower of design methods. Practitioner of pixel pushing. Always a step ahead in the design process.

  • Picture of Joachim, critic


    UX, user testing, user research, user everything. Also a bit of a know-it-all. Likes to talk accessibility when everyone else wants to code.

  • Picture of Johannes, optimist


    Frontend and web. Mainly HTML, CSS and React. Good at anything responsive. Great at anything Norrland – his natural habitat.


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